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About Lab Daze
Lab Daze is a documentary/reality series featuring the students, faculty, staff and associates of the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Division and the Human-Experience Research (HXR) Lab at the University of Florida. HCC is an emerging field focused on understanding how to make computational technologies more useable and how computational technologies affect society.

In our labs, we build innovative solutions to real world problems by integrating people, technology, policy, culture, etc. in various contexts. Our PhD program has the largest number of African-American computing sciences PhD students in the nation.

Lab Daze shows a different perspective of who we are and what we do as African-American computing science PhDs/scholars. Our hope is that you will watch our episodes and gain new insight into the world of computing and just maybe, some kid will say, "I want to do that too."
Juan Gilbert working with students in the lab